We all have surely been through the phases of having a dream-like fairytale life at least once. Come on! If you haven’t then….umm,

No one is too old of it anyway!

Growing up, fairytales has helped me escape from the harsh reality to a ‘PERFECT’ world of love and romance flowing in the air, at least for that 10 minutes of bed-time story. It has given me hope that it will always turn out to become a “happily ever after”.

Have you ever imagined if you could draw your own life, making it the way you want? Deleting all the awkward teenage phases, extending summers to 12 months an year and having the power to eat without gaining a pound? Well, If not in reality, I at least have the competence to do that here!

Wondered what the dictionary says?

‘Ethereal’ – seems too perfect for this world

Well, Guess what?

I just created my PERFECT little world 😀

If you find this insanely exciting and amazingly confused- Hopefully the break down here makes sense



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